Yvonne Kerbusch

“The art of life is survival”

Yvonne Kerbusch was born in Maastricht on July 14, 1942. Quatorze juillet, a French holiday in a war year. You could have a more boring start in life. The many creative talents Yvonne possessed did not get any attention in her youth.

Only after the death of her son Maarten due to a medical error in 1994, a friend encouraged Yvonne to start drawing and painting to give her emotions a place.

Despite the setbacks that Yvonne encountered in her life, she always remained positive. She kept focusing on what went well, what she loved. She was inspired by great painters such as Van Gogh and Picasso. She has experimented over the years with different themes and techniques. Sometimes paint is applied in small amounts to enhance a subject while in another painting paint is so thick that the “clods” almost form a sculpture. All paintings are acrylic on linen.

Her paintings are testimonials of a process and of life. She does not paint to sell or to get recognition. She paints from her essence, not commissioned. She leaves the sale of her work and the maintenance of her website to her daughter, Ivonne Schouten-Hoek, who is also her contact person for those who are interested in her paintings.

The paintings of Yvonne Kerbusch are pure, unstyled and characteristic of life. Colorful but not superficial. There is a certain tension that challenges you to keep watching. This makes these paintings unique.

You become involved in the paintings.